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Upon registering a student at Trapdoor, we kindly ask that you sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions as detailed below.


Fees are paid termly in advance. For the Senior School a deposit of £50 is required before the last day of the previous term with the outstanding balance due on the first day of the new term. For Teenies a deposit of £20 as above. If fees are not paid in full by the 2nd week of term (or according to any agreement made between Trapdoor and yourselves) then a 10% late payment fee will be added to your invoice.


Should your child wish to leave Trapdoor then please note the following:

We require five weeks notice in writing - Notice must be given either at the START OF A TERM to leave at Half Term, or at HALF TERM to leave at the end of the current term. We do not accept notice at any other time and a charge of 5 weeks fees in lieu of notice will be incurred should this agreement be breached. £100 for Seniors or £30 for Teenies.


We ask that everyone wears suitable clothing (no boots or flip-flops and no short skirts or jeans) and would ask all pupils to wear Trapdoor T- shirts every week - these are very reasonably priced and can be ordered at lessons.

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