Your child’s safety and wellbeing is paramount so we are introducing measures to ensure that we can operate safely. 

Anyone who has contact with a family, or household member who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19, should not attend

Hygiene/Effective infection protection and control

  • minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does or have been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate, do not attend our classes. 

  • cleaning hands more often than usual - wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered

  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach

  • cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often than usual using standard products, such as detergents and bleach

  • minimising contact as much as possible and ensuring groups do not mix

  • Staff will not wear PPE unless they need to be closer than 1 metre to your child. PPE will be worn if a child displays coronavirus symptoms. They will be taken to a holding area until a parent/carer is free to collect them.

  • The main hall will be Covid fogged cleaned daily.

  • all students will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering the building. 

  • hand sanitiser will be available throughout the class time and students are encouraged to wash their hands at regular intervals if necessary

  • surfaces such as door handles will be wiped down regularly.

  • parents will be asked to take home bags and coats at drop-off. You will be required to bring a named water bottle, a named notebook and pencil and pen. These will be kept in your allocated box. 

Social Distancing

  • as per the new guidelines, a maximum of 15 children will form one ‘bubble’ and they will not mix with any other groups. 

  • students will be reminded of social distancing throughout the lesson

  • social distancing will be promoted with floor markings.

  • children should be brought to the rear of the school and remain in cars until instructed to come into the hall by a teacher. This will be done via calling the register. 

  • Drop off will be carried out in the same way.

  • No parents will be permitted to come into the building



  • whilst working indoors, we will ensure there is suitable ventilation and there is clear signage to prevent overcrowding. 

  • limiting the number of children using the toilet at one time and ensure it is clean and hygienic

  • children, young people, parents, carers or any visitors, such as suppliers, MUST NOT enter our setting if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) (following the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection).

  • we will encourage parents to avoid using public transport to get to your setting. Ideally, they should walk or cycle where possible or use a private vehicle (provided they are only travelling with those from within their household).

First Aid

  • Medication that may be needed, such as inhalers, should be kept with the child in their box